Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Ok, finally tomorrow is Thursday.  :p Nothing exciting happening, but I'm just glad that I made through this far of the week. Wednesday is my most busiest day ever. And just for the record today, I knocked off at 7pm. CCA starts from 4 - 6pm.

 But I beginning to love my cca boys & girls. I have few bunch who is too cute and too noisy to entertain. 

These 2 usually sits in front of me. Directly in front of me. And they will giggle and giggle between themselves, I cannot take it cus I WANT TO LAUGH. It's just so funny. One wear braces, the other one not.Both SHORT.  The other one will talk, the other will giggle. Gosh. Everytime I tried to stay stern or nag at them both, I will end up smiling. But I pretend to be serious eventhough inside me I BUAY TAHAN! Well, they're just sec 2. 

And there is the another one, who will keep talking, and at times whatever comes out from his mouth, doesn't make sense. But I know he just wants my attention. I find it funny. And everytime, I explain the process, he will keep quiet like as if he is being attentive, but actually NOT. He will STILL ask me again eventhough I JUST explained. JUST here refers to 30 seconds ago. Buay tahan sia! And when I start to nag, he will, "Ok,Ok Cher! I know, I know" And I will replied, "Ah, you know you know. Then later ask me again!" 

I'm taming those students to behave and also understand the meaning of Work & Play.