Saturday, January 2, 2010

It's 2010.

Goodbye 2009, Welcome 2010 and of course another year older this year.

It's fast isn't it?

Nevermind, may this year I have the patience and persevere in any challenges that strikes me. :)

You see doubles? They're twins, been teaching them since July last year and counting. Now they're in P2. Both of them are different and special in any other ways. They're just too adorable.

We left our "boys" behind and went shopping. But shopping with our vouchers. So fun and tiring! We didn't even have time to eat and sit. Instead, we WALK and eat.

Not all is mine, HAHA.

And lastly, our feet gave up and went Spinelli's to have Hot Chocolates. Really goood!

Abbey is my childhood friend of mine. We've been together since I don't know when. What we know our parents have this special bonding in them. Love you babe!

Before I end this entry,

My crazy Fiance; Rudy suggested we had a mini Bbq at his place. And today, I'm being extra LAZY, cos I'm preserving my Sunday. But we had fun. My parents joined after that, and we had the bbq just outside his corridor.
But what's up with the broom his holding eh? Please lah, the broom can put one side what! 

I'm so full now please. I should sleep now.

By the way, I was at the Esplanade on NYE to witness the fireworks, but I was indeed upset with it. Don't know why, but the kick just not there!

Ok, I should sleep now. Bye.


Anonymous said...

Yah... Especially the fireworks!!! thought i wasnt there to see it, but from home i watch it... Damn...

Izzati Aydur said...

ya lah! buang masa aku je!