Monday, November 2, 2009

What Colour Is Your Life?

So what colour is your life? I chose PINK. Happy and funky. Also it comes with black sexy black back cover. So I can change it whenever I feel like it, to suit my mood. :)
Well, basically this is just a basic touch phone and it's TEMPORARY for me. My luxury brown (F480), Rudy is holding on to it, and I felt that I got no chemistry with that phone. Sorry, LB! I hoped LB had a good chemistry with his new owner ya. :)

Very basic touch screen, and I'm still FAITHFUL to Samsung. Love you! But the interface, are much better that my LB! It's available to exclusive M1 dealers for now. Not sure the rest of the dealers.I just grabbed it, cus it's kind of affordable. Furthermore, I just re-contract 1 of the line. I got multiple lines ah, but all M1 ok.

Know why it's temporary? Cus there's rumours, Iphone will be available to M1 dealers too! Beside Singtel.HAHA. So, when I asked the M1 seller, it's confirmed! End of this year! Woo hoo. I can get an Iphone from Singtel if I want to, but I choose not. Cus I don't want multiple subscibers.

And I can't wait.