Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I'm Cool.

I just need to blog these down.

I had a really bad day yesterday after like 46787433567878454 days of my life. I just don't know what to say.

First, I received an smsed which I think that was so unappropriate and no courtesy at all. I heck that. Destroyed my mood for a while, but I'm cool you know. COOL!

Next, I'm supposed to have tuition right cus it's Tuesday! So I went to the house, pressed the bell, no one was around. In the end, they forgotten about the tuition. They were already outside. So is it my fault for not reminding them? Normally, ONLY when the tuition is cancel or push another day, then I received an sms or call from them. I'm not angry at them. But I learnt my lesson. But at that moment, I'm angry at myself, cus I keep telling myself, "It's just not my day".  Again, I'm still cool. COOL OK!

Last! Which I hoped so, since there isn't any tuition I went back to CWP just so that I could return the DVD that I borrowed since I didn't want to pay the fine which is $1. I know it's a small amount. But still! I wouldn't want to pay the fine! So fine, upon reaching the shop, took out the DVD casing, and opened up the casing just to make sure the DVD disc was in there. You know what, NO DISC INSIDE! The damn disc was in my desktop, pc. %^&*(!!!! Do you know how I felt at that moment? 

I seriously felt like shooting myself. or even knocked myself to the wall! HAHA.
It's only 2 hours and so many things happened to me just like that! %^&*()!!!

But I kept cool. I think. I was mad at myself for that moment.

That Tuesday wasn't any other ordinary Tuesday I've had.

Today, is another day. :)