Thursday, November 5, 2009

Advance Moving on to 2010.

I did continued my service again for another year. :) with a little bit of increment. :) Now, it's already November, soon it's going to be Mid-November. After which it will be December. And it's time to reflect what fruitful things I've done. In fact, I'm already beginning to do some self-reflection on myself, whenever and wherever I am alone. Some things I things I wished I could have done better, while some are not. Well it depends you see. Nah! Will continue about this maybe in December!

Some random information here, Rudy now is in reservists. Yet AGAIN! And now for 2 daysweeks. You know this APEC going on, that's partly the reason why he's been called in again! Well, not that he need to be stayed in for 2 freaking weeks. No! Thank God for that! :)

hur hur.