Thursday, November 19, 2009


Met one of my primary school friend, Hwee Ling for dinner last Sunday.  I was too bored staying at home, hence I randomly gave a call to her.

So camwhored at the open-space Flyer. We took multiple shots. Be it jumping, posing or sitting. And we totally forgotten that those people up in the flyer I assumed were looking at us. We just realised it after like 15 mins? HAHA.

From this,

to this,

to THIS,

or even to this,

We even tried jumping shots using the self-timer, it totally FAILED!

And we gave up, so we took a proper picture sitting down.

Not forgetting the "feeling-feeling" ANTM shot. HAHAHA.


More dates to come with her and one more from my primary school that is Yuting.

So when I got home after this, I got sick.up till now.  SIGH.