Friday, November 20, 2009

Weird Facts.

This is just random. In case you still find it hard to understand me.

Now, when I'm sick I tend to be quiet and  be with myself. I'm normally lethargic and weak, well who's not?.
I expect someone to be nice to me, I mean extra nice. Cus when I'm sick, I'm pretty much emotional and fussy. Cus you see, I'm not the person who can suffer PAIN. Yes. even a slightest pain like headache, flu, fever or even jab. It could lead me to become one "cry baby". Easy to say, I'm very sensitive. I need that extra "tender-loving-care", irregardless who.  Maybe you may not see, but I will cry silently.

There was this one incident that happened to me 6 years ago, when I diagonised with Chicken Pox. I tell you, that was the WORST disease ever. I can't bear the pain seriously. I became an unpatience person, and I just want the Pox to stop growing or spreading. And ya, I cried everytime I applied the Calamine Lotion cus there were too much Pox and it scares me. But at least, there was someone who cooled me down and motivates me. And I had to endure 12 days just for that Pox to subside. And I really blamed my parents for letting me have that Chicken Pox at an old age. WHICH actually NOT THEIR FAULT. Cus I could not bear the pain. What kept me going, was the person who was once closed to me. I still could remember that vividly. I told myself and even swore that I will never ever get this disease ever AGAIN! I hate it.

I get pretty annoyed, not because I want to be an annoyed person. But just bear with me. Cus I'm sick.

One more thing besides me being sick and those days that I act like a "bitch" is when it's my PMS days. Oh, I admit I can be a total "bitch during those periods. I tried to control too ok but in the end, I'm the one who's hurt and again "cry like a baby".

So one wrong move from you, that's it ah!

This is just some random WEIRD facts about me.

So why can't just some of you understand.