Monday, November 9, 2009

Friday the 6th!

Last Friday, Me and Rudy went for an impromtu date. Actually, I decided to just catch a movie at our nearby cineplex, Cwp but Rudy decided to go town instead. And time checked, it's already 7.30pm. That's when I just reached home from work. Haa. Since it's been quite sometime that we had our late midnight movie, supper and stroll along the Orchard Road with people seeing us and we see people, so I agreed and I was as usual E-X-C-I-T-E-D! Eh, who not excited!? For once I thought, that night was a Saturday night! HAHA.
So we had no choice, we picked a movie which I really think it's not worth the money! We watched, "Jennifer's Body". So what, it's Megan Fox. I don't like her act like this especially in this character. Eee! I was hoping that I could watch "Love Happens" cus there's Jennifer Aniston or "My Sister's Keeper" due to Cameron Diaz. But there's not a single midnight slot for these 2 movies. Sad of course.

So we had our dinner (or is it supper?), or wait! where do we eat? (thinking plus scratch head) Ok, seriously, I totally forgotten where we had our meals. (still thinking..) Ouh ya! We went Marina Food loft! HAHAHAH.
Ok that, not important actually.

What's important, we brought our toy C along. And since the whole town place is gorgeously decorated with those Christmas lights. Rudy snapped, snapped here and snapped,snapped there! While I posed, posed here and posed, posed there! HAHA.
So while waiting for our movie to start, which I'm really not excited at all! HAHA. We sit and we walk and we snapped!

Reasons for this shot, which I requested Rudy to take, was because this reminds me of KL. HAHA. KL has this which obviously HALAL. And if I were to go KL this Dec, I want to drop by this restaurant.Perhaps they offers the best steaks in town!

Our movie starts at 1205 midnight! So what do you think?

We camwhored abit lah right! Ok not "we", but "ME"!

Time checked: 0230am (after movie!) while waiting for my NR2 to Woodlands.
Here's the lights along Esplanade. No so chio as Orchard! I love Orchard one!

So, we had our lovely,yet simple Friday date which I really thought it was a Saturday night! And with this man by side, the night is always young! :)


Ouh ya! I finally managed to watch "My Sister's Keeper" with Rudy of course. And I did cried not like a baby lah ok! , I'm not sure about Rudy. But I'm sure that movie really touches ones heart.

I'm abit hyper now, not sure why. HAHA.