Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Only Tuesday.

it's only tuesday, and i've got tonnes of things to settle. one after another.
like today, my lunch is way after 1pm. and i'm so hungry. got 2 periods of lessons that eat up my lunch period. i guess life as "teacher" always skip lunch. apparently, teachers skip their lunch too.

now, im cracking my brain to doing the lesson plan. :s

anyway, sec 1 students especially the BOYS are really cute, cus their so small in size. smaller than the girls.
there is one just now, he is trying to open this web cam box, and since his hands is small (ya, mine bigger) and I see him too cute with the struggling and his white specs, I being the cannot-tahan-his-cuteness "cher" offer to help him open up the box. HAHA.



Lin said...

i think when we sec one, our teachers must have the same thoughts as u eh...

Izzati Ayub said...

haha, ya lor i guess so.