Tuesday, January 13, 2009

When Everything Around Me Shut Down.

what happened to me yesterday?
i went home, showered, ate medicines and BUMP! to my bed. I was having a sudden fever! whole body was aching and HOT. Like what I told dear Rudy that if I put an egg beside my body, the egg will cooked. Eventhough I was well-covered with blanket,I'm still shivering. brrr. temperature was really high I guess that I started to have those wild imaginations and couldn't think properly. Was telling myself that if by 11pm I'm still having this high fever, I'm going to inform my parents to bring me to the doctor at least. Thank gudness, by 11pm I was perspiring like nobody business,after which I'm feeling so much better.
So I slept from 7pm all the way to 6am this morning. Ok no,I did woke up for few minutes to check on my hp and going to the loo beee loo!

today, i feel so much better. not much, but slightly better :)