Monday, January 5, 2009

Those Year Book Days.

Here's a sign of boredom. Do you all still keep your secondary school year book? Well,I do. HAHAH. And when I flipped through those pages, of course those kiddish memories sets in. But I only can find 3 of my year book ley. Supposed to have 5 right? Since my secondary education is 5 years? I have only sec 2, sec 3 and sec 5 with me. Sec 1 and Sec 4 where ah???!!!
I don't have a scanner, so I can't scan my class photos. HAHA. Very UGLY me. Serious, the one and only satisfied and considered nice class photo was only Sec 5. Cus, I rebonded my hair mah. Shoulder length somemore ley got side parting one and got fringe. HAHHHA. So at time is considered "jambu" already lor. HAHAH. Nvm, one day I shall scan for you all to view. :)
Ahh, now I miss my secondary school days. Minus those "steady-steady" days.
I miss my my sec 5 form teacher! HAHA. She rock the whole class okay.
I miss my so called handsome English teacher - Mr Taufiq. With his base voice and his super ever speaking English. Always asking me to shut up since I sat with Ifah and we will talk. Even at that moment I'm not the one talking! Wahlao. Up till now, I don't whether he is married or not.
I think I'm abit naughty in Sec 5. Cus when I'm already in Sec 5 I dared to talk back, well to at least Mr Saiful (Bio teacher).HAHA.


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