Sunday, January 11, 2009

Little Taiwan.

Yesterday the parents, fiance and me went JB in the evening! Haa. I know it's kind of boring there. But I lorveeeee the FOOOOOD there. We were at Plentong,Giant and we dined in to Little Taiwan, where they served Taiwanese food. It's my first time eating those Taiwan food, and I think it's fiance and parents first time too. It's CHEAP lor. and mum took the longest time to choose her food. :)

Mine - Claypot Hor Fun Braised Beef noodle (the beef super melt in your mouth lor...)
Fiance and mine - Coke Float (I still think that Coke and the ice-cream don't go very well, it's still best with Root Beer!)
Mum - Tang Tang Noodle (after so long, she ordered TANG! TANG! noodle,HAHAH)

Fiance - Spicy Chicken Cutlet Rice (Haa, he's kind of food that he would order, EVERYTIME.)
Dad - Salted Chicken Rice ( taste like popcorn chicken)

I had a very tiring Saturday. I was up since 7am yesterday cus I had to be at Main Office by 9am. I had fun meeting all the Trainers. All "gila-gila" also. heee. Next meet-up with them will be next month GM. :)
the whole session ended at 1.45pm! Rushed to meet Rudy at Marina. Then, off to AMK to meet Rudy's cousinss. :) Chatted with them for awhile, before both of us meet the parents. Again, rushed back to Woodlands to have the short trip to JB.
Reached home 1230am, and I'm already SUPER shagged. -_-
So, I had a good SLEEP and I woke up 1.30pm this afternoon. Super shiok.
But now, I feel that there's an itch on my throat. Like macam want to get flu like that. *Ouh please no*
And again, tomorrow is MONDAY?!!?!!!? So fast meh...............