Sunday, January 4, 2009

Lazy Bump!

I'm supposed to be doing my Reflection regarding the training that I've attended last week, but I've got no motivation to finish it up, there's no deadline, just that my manager wants it by 2nd week of Jan.
Anyway, the template is there, just that I need to insert the words in. Bah..
I feel like I'm doing my RJ (reflection journal).HAHA
Maybe they should give me a deadline instead like submit it by 2359? So that I got the urge of urgency hor? HAHHA.
Even so, last time during school when comes my laziness I will still submit my RJ after the deadline via email or even worse not doing at all! And I will create that excuse such as "my internet connection at home is down" OR "I've got urgent matters to attend to".HAHAHA.
the point is, I still need to do the Reflections and submit it real soooooon.