Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Early this morning on my way to work, there's massive jam before entering to BP. I wasn't in hurry of course but as time goes by, I became the one who was LATE to work. The jam was caused by just an accident, as usual - the apek taxi and a driver. It took like 15-20 mins to enter to BP. What if I'm in a cab? I think I will just ask the taxi driver to stop me in the middle of expresssway lah. Sure gonna cause a bomb to my taxi fare sey!
That nvm.Reached BP, it was a smooth journey, BUT reached BT BATOK around the fire station and before entering the BBDC, there was another massive jam. Like AGAIN?!!
and bad enough, I was late to work today.Well not THAT LATE, only about few minutes late. But still LATE what! *stamp feet*