Sunday, February 22, 2009

Hospital The Friday.

I'm very exhausted. MIL got admitted to hospital last friday evening. She was in pain. SIL couldn't take her to hospital cus she had to manage the restaurant since it was a Friday. So it was after work, I got a messaged from her to send MIL to hospital together with Fiance. So here we go to the Emergency Department, I was the one who Registered her, the one who push the Wheelchair (Ok, Fiance was the once who push that wheelchair) cus she was really in pain that she couldn't walk no more. And let me tell you, it was my FIRST TIME experience in that place WITH that situation! Fiance had to wait outside the A&E cus only ONE person was allowed to enter the so called "Critical Zone". So I braved myself and do what I ought to do. Luckily, she was examined fast due to her severe pain. So everything went smoothly till she admitted to the ward. So Fiance did her admission stuffs, and while she was sent for X-Ray, and all sort of scans, we both went for dinner cus we BOTH we DAMN hungry! Cus it's already 9.30pm once everything settled. Since them will sms us the details of the ward, so we're not that worried though.

I will never forget the FEWLING of entering the A&E! HAHHA. One beautiful experience.
Ouh, she was admitted to TTSH! urgh. Not that I hate TTSH, but you know, as an ex-staff from there, I never once miss TTSH at all. I even forgot the way to the A&E lor! Had to ask the Security Guard okay!Serious. So, I'm sure you all know what I meant.