Monday, February 16, 2009

It's Monday!

How's the weekends or rather your Valentine's to those celebrating V-day. I don't fancy those VDays. Everyday is a Vday what right? On the other hand, me and fiance, we went dating!HAHA.
We went for dinner, took a stroll down to Cathay cus we thought, we wanted to catch movie there, but all the movies begins at 12 midnight! So we skipped that, we took another stroll down to Orchard Road, where you can see those couples with roses, people selling roses. HAHA. Then, we decided that it's more worth it to go back to Cwp, to catch movie there instead. So we caught "Underworld-The Rise of The Lycans". :) The movie ended @ 1am. :)

So, Vday ke tak Vday ke, we still spend quality time with each other irregardless how busy we are. :) and cherish every moment of it. Every seconds, every minutes,every hours you spend with your partner, is what I called LOVE.

Happy Monday and Happy Week ahead.