Friday, February 27, 2009


i'm totally pissed off this morning,despite it's a FRIDAY. Haha. well, this is what happened, I took the feeder bus from my house to the interchange, and USUALLY it's pack with students. i don't mind about that, cus they're rushing for school. i have nothing against this bus driver, BUT today was exception! He keeps on honking for no reason, which i find it irritating. That NVM!
Reached at the interchange, that bus driver supposed to alight some passengers that wants to alight at the interchange, including ME! that point of time, the bus is already packed with students, and i'm so angry when he close the door without letting me and some other passengers to alight! and he drove slightly to the front, so i thought he would let us alight, but hell NO! He ignored. that period of time, i'm already pissed off. I squeezed through the crowd, i walked towards him and scolded him, "Can't you see we're alighting!" Is he deaf or what? someone already shouted to open the door and yet he ignored! OH MY! he opened the door as if nothing happen, and just when i alight from the bus, i took down his bus plate number! i don't care. and he make me miss my another bus to work! urgh!

now, i should lodge a complaint right? i'm so angry. and still so angry!