Tuesday, February 24, 2009


finally, i got a macbook by the school. well, i don't expect them to issue me a macbook actually, just a simple laptop that has Adobe CS3 is fine enough for me. but the school is being "generous" i'm glad and thankful that i've got myself a mackbook. supposed to be macbook PRO lor! that long story, nehmind.

anyway, this macbook has a story behind it. lol! i'll share with you all someday, or ask me! HAHA.
i'm not a mac user, but as an IT trainer, i feel that there's a need for me to know as much as possible of other OS besides Windows. who knows, i'm required to teach students using macbook or certain softwares in which macbook only provide? so, at least i'm prepared right?
Now, who say become an IT trainer is an easy peassy lemon squessy kind of job?
it's not easy to be an IT trainer, always have to recharge oneself with new/advanced softwares.
and PASSION is the word. :)