Sunday, February 1, 2009

Touch N Go Weekends.

Some pictures to update cus I feel that this blog of mine has rather been b-o-r-i-n-g for quite sometime. Fact is - I'm extremely busy. Only today I managed to look through my mobile phone and bluetooth-ed the pictures to my laptop.
Anyway, both me and Fiance had MFM last Tuesday. Just because both of us were craving for their Garlic Mussels. :)

And yesterday, had a meet up with Hisham, both Faz and Me long lost friend.! HAHA. So there were Me, Fiance and Fazurah. It's been THAT long that I've met this boy. Erm, to be exact close to 3 years. But that boy is still the SAME old boy despite already in NS. HAHA. So, we had nowhere to go and SINCE I wanted so bad to go and see the Flower Festivals at Sentosa, they decided to go Sentosa. And too bad, no camera so I had to make full use of my not-so-good phone. The flowers were so LOVELY and GORGEOUS. I don't know about them, but after seeing those flowers and those pleasant smells, it really helps to destress myself. I told ya'll I really need a break right.

If only I own a DSLR, I would take a good shot of all the flowers lor.

This weekend is a touch-n-go weekend, for me. Cus yesterday, I had staff straining @ Henry Park Pri School. It's 9am-1pm. So it actually dragged me to go there since I'm not sure where the place is. But when I reached that pri school,OMG! the school is not like a PRI school. Seriously, it has EVERYTHING there. I think that's the biggest and high tech pri school I've seen so far. Hello, it's only PRIMARY school ley! I wonder if there's Henry Park Secondary, it would be even better lor.

Luckily, I have fun colleauges to actually speed up the time. Cus I know, everyone can't wait for the training to end. HAHA.

So there you go my touch-n-go weekends.

And tomorrow will be back to work, and the start of my teaching as an IT "Teacher". Luckily tomorrow is only 2 classes. And work is pilling up. booo!