Wednesday, February 25, 2009

25 Random Things.

Well, I was tagged by Nazra in facebook, but decided to post here too. for fun!i never fancy tag notes and stuff but since i thought i want to take a few minutes break, so i decided to do this. HAHA.

1. i look like chinese and i always had a hard time meeting new people, cus when they 1st look at me, they ASSUME i'm chinese. (at times, they start to talk Chinese!) but i'm ok with it. :)

2. i am the ONLY child, but i'm not those pampered, spoilt brat kind of child or rather bimbo. my parents never pampered me that much esp dad. that's why i'm very independant.

3. i'm half malay and filipino, and i'm born in the philipines. but too bad, i can't speak tagalog, but i would love to have that filipino accent lor. maybe i shud stay in philippines for a month ah!

4.i have this thing for twins, i donno why!

5. i love my fiance very the muchie much! *this one included or not?* HAHAH.

6. have this thing for charming, tall guys old but not so old. :)

7. when i'm angry, i cry. that's me.

8. usually i'm a straightforward person.

9. i love chocolates but not peppermint!

10. i can sleep and dream, wake up and dream back the same dream i have previously!serious.

11. i want to be a professional trainer one day.

12. love fries!

13. i don't study hard, but i study smart. i don't get those fantastic grades since pri to sec to poly, but i do made through till where i am now. my grades are always the passing grade but i still made it!

14. i can't live without my internet/laptop.

15. i play bowling.

16. i love challenges and obstacles.

17. my room is always messy but my workspace @ work is always neat. so, i'm very different when at home and at work. meaning to say i'm an organized person only when i'm at work.

18. loves to go out with fiance, anywhere.

19. if i stay home for a few days, i will get sick and bored!

20.seldom drink plain water.

21. i will laugh till i cry.

22. i can't bear any needles poking thru me for example jabs. i will cry or have that weak feeling. IN SHORT - i'm a cry baby and can't endure pain.

23.i gain weight easily, lose weight easily and after that, i will gain that weight that i've lose EASILY. so which means, i have to maintain. and it's so hard to maintain, cus i love fooooooood! FOOOD GLOrious FOOOOOOD!

24. tlc person.

25. pursuing my career currently. and i want to do the best as much as possible. :)

cut and paste from my facebook. =)