Sunday, February 15, 2009

I Love You Girls, and You Too Fazlin. :P

Our Pastamanian Dinner.

the hungarians us.

Ouh yes, Congrats to Ita, welcome to the "teacher" club! :)

Quins, substract Fazlin which I think she is on her way back from Frisco.Hopefully, our next meet-up will be the 5 of us, plus MORE energetic Quins. Nonetheless, I knew all of us were tired from work (not included Ita, cus she was on leave!) but we're still KECOH as ever. HAHA. Plus, with my MANLY-voice. HAHA. I went home with a headache okay?

We head over to Civics Mac for MORE crapping session. :p

Such as this?Cannot blame lah, we are PLAYFUL!