Monday, January 19, 2009

I Can't Sleep.

as usual, I'll sleep late on Sunday cus every weekends I always wake up past noon. Meaning I will wake up within this period (12.30-1.30pm). :) as much as I can, I must enjoy my sleep since every other weekdays, I have to program myself to wake up as EARLY as 6am. Yes, that early. *Macam bangun nak pergi sekolah gitu*
Well, at first it was quite tough for me in the beginning, but now, I'm used to it. :) Then, at 7am it's my turn to phone call Rudy to wake him up for work. And again, that's everyday (Mon-Fri) and at that time, I'm already in the bus to work. The wake up call is to ensure that dear Rudy wake up for his work.
Then, I'll reach around my work area around 7.45am and I will dilly dally,take my time,enjoy the wind and enjoy the morning walk.Hence, I reach work on time. No joke, the bus stop to my work location is aprox. 10 mins walk. I make sure I have the ample time to walk and not to reach school panting (read: in a rush). Cus I need the energy to climb the stairs that is 4 storey HIGH! The computer lab that I'm seated cum my workspace is at Level 4! :s
and that also by the time I reach my workspace, I'm already PANTING. hur hur.
with this new work, I've been drinking lots and lots of plain water. Great achievement for that. :)*pat shoulder*
I hate the time that pass by before lunch but I love the time that pass by after lunch. Cus time flies faster after lunch since I knock off at 5!hee.

Why am I telling you Readers these? Cus I feel that you Readers, ought to know. :)

argh, I can't wait for the longest ever weekends that is just around the corner.